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What is is a community of like-minded families, whose members offer the possibility of a foreign youth exchange experience. It brings a major innovation to the youth exchange concept: our community helps you find members similar to you. It helps you to easily arrange your own gap year experience and homestay exchange, without dependence on a service club or (semi) commercial exchange agency.

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How does it actually work?

Homestay exchanges allow young people to expand their horizon. A family immersion offers a great opportunity for genuine cultural exchange. Staying with a family, having to speak a foreign language, eat the local food and participate in the local activities, make a foreign stay a truly authentic and unique travel experience.

More information on how to make a homestay exchange a success can be found in our Library section.


What is a homestay exchange?

Homestay exchange has been around for years. The concept is simple: your kid stays with a host family abroad while their child becomes part of your family. The exchange is reciprocal and, like a barter deal, without use of cash. An exchange can be either simultaneous or non-simultaneous. And the duration can vary from a few weeks (e.g., a summer holiday) to several months.


Is youth exchange safe?

Although there are no guarantees for anything in life, safety problems with youth exchanges are rare. By and large Youth exchange is a safe way for your child to get to know a new country, language and culture. In case of a mutual or reciprocal exchange, you will be taking care of someone else’s child while the other parents will be taking care of yours. Given the mutual dependency, mutual trust is fundamental.

Using a reputable exchange service or program is the first step to ensure a good youth exchange experience. The families listed on have taken the trouble to complete all the information about their home, filled out a profile, and in many cases have their IDs checked. They are looking to organize an exchange for their child as well, and are likely to have similar concerns to yours.

Basically, the most important thing to ensure a good youth exchange experience is good communication with your future exchange partners. A great experience depends on trust and mutual understanding. Again, talk on the phone or get to know each other through Skype or Facetime. Ask for references. Sign an exchange and host agreement with the terms of your exchange, offers useful sample documents in the Library section. Find and vet your future hosts on social media. also offers the possibility to have the hosts’ identities checked by a qualified agent. More information can also be found in the Safety & Privacy section.


For whom is it intended? is intended for youth exchange with the minimum age of 12-14, depending on their maturity and the destination. Kids below the age of 16-18 should normally be accompanied by an adult during their travels and the first day of their stay.

Parents and other family members always need to be involved in signing up to and in selecting and arranging an exchange with a suitable host family. Useful tips and tricks about how best to find a suitable host family, prepare for the trip and make the exchange as successful as possible can be found in our Library section.


What are the advantages of being a community? is the first online community exclusively dedicated to a fully reciprocal homestay exchange. Being a community makes it easy for our members to exchange with similar people around the globe.


Organize it yourself!

We try to make youth exchange as accessible and enjoyable as possible. That’s why offer a free Lite Membership. We also want your youth exchange or gap year to be safe. This is why we also offer a Regular Membership and a Premium Membership, which include a verification of the identity of the host parents, as well as additional services. The majority of the members who arrange an exchange or gat year through are verified. You can try any membership plan the first month for free and monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. This way you can try out our services with no strings attached.

Our Qualified Identity Verification service offers you the possibility of have IDs thoroughly checked by an experienced verification agent, who is qualified to authenticate over 3,500 different types of passports, driver licenses and identity cards from nearly every country in the world. In combination with the use of facial recognition, additional forms of documentation, and access to ID data bases, this multi-factor identity verification service enables you to get a trustworthy ID confirmation.

Premium Travel Pack is an optional service, which includes travel perks & protection, health insurance and damage protection. Insurance is offered in partnership with [insurance company]. This pack allows you to protect your exchange from disaster, to be refunded in case of cancellation and to repatriate in case of health problems during your exchange. This way, you will be able to organize your exchange with peace of mind.

Finally, we aspire to accompany your homestay exchange experience by developing more and more optional services.



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See our Library area where you can find loads of reference and background information.

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