Hej! Jeg ledder Jennifer og er en udrekslinsstudent I Danmark!

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am an exchange student in Denmark!

Denmark is an awesome country, it’s like living in a fairytale … As an exchange student in Denmark I have been experiencing life as a Danish teenager and have really seen the cultural, social and lifestyle differences between our country and theirs!

Life in Denmark is wonderful. The people are so liberal and free and talk openly about everything. They don’t have such big self-image issues as they are used to other people seeing their bodies, for example after sports class everyone showers together in one big communal shower (girls and boys separated of course), and because everyone just wants to be clean no one bothers to feel insecure.

They have very high self-esteem, which I think is something we should learn! They’re also very good at English so it was really hard to remember to try and learn Danish, but once you’ve mastered it, Danish is a fun (but hard) language to learn! It sounds like everyone is speaking with a potato in their mouths! Speaking of potatoes, here they eat potatoes for dinner nearly EVERY night. I’ve never seen so many different ways to cook potatoes! Fashion here isn’t too special—everyone has the same type of clothing and it just gets a bit boring.

The eight months I have spent here so far have been a life changing experience. By going on a youth exchange you learn so much stuff you could never learn in school. Not only do you have life-long friends overseas, experience a new culture, but you also grow so much yourself! I would definitely recommend an exchange or just travel, there’s just so much more to the world than we know!

However, as amazing as Denmark really is — Texas will always be my home.

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