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The first thing you need to do, after signing up, is choose a membership level. Please check out the different membership levels here. You can try any of these membership levels the first week for free. And no worries; you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

After subscribing you can start searching for other exchange candidates, accessing other members’ profiles, contacting fellow community members, sending friendship requests and using all other functionalities that the different membership levels offer you.

Start building an attractive profile

Your exchange profile is more or less your calling card to your fellow community members. It is how other members know that you are interested in taking part in a youth exchange. As such, your exchange listing could either improve or limit your chances of securing an exchange. It has to be very well written and sufficiently detailed for this purpose.

Keep it honest

The thing that other members are looking for while going through your listing is to know that they can trust you. Try to provide other community members with honest and real information about you, your family and your living environment.

Keep it detailed

You need to include as much relevant information as is necessary for an exchange. Keep your listing as detailed as possible to ensure that interested members get a good idea about your preferences and the proposition you are offering. On the same breath, make sure to keep the listing updated at all times, as information changes.

Have photos and videos

Using a high quality camera, make a media portfolio of yourself and your family. This really helps other members to get a better idea of you and your family, and to increase your credibility.

Include information about your living environment

Your listing is not just about you and your family. Since you will also be a host family for a youth exchange guest, you should also provide information about your living environment.

Questions or Concerns?

See our Library area where you can find loads of reference and background information.

See Library Section
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